E-Com to M-Com! The Two Degrees of Technology of a modern economy!!

A range of enterprises have found their strong foothold by early adoption of e-commerce techniques and made their presence felt substantially. The reasons for such a huge success of e-commerce giants greatly rely on major factors such as consumer preferences and technology.

Whilst investigating the factors corresponding to the consumer behaviour towards e-commerce apps, we must admit the crucial roles technology development firms have played in this era. These organisations have made a quick and compelling breakthrough by putting forth the entire business module more flexible and adaptive to each user.

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Nevertheless there are plenty of wide opportunities still unprovoked in the market. The commanding positions embarked by the leading e-commerce players in terms of their wide audience and surplus revenue always give a purview for the new entrants. So, is it easy to adopt the e-commerce business platform for a late entrant? The Answer is a straight Yes!

As far as development companies are concerned, they create ideas suited for the enterprise and customize the best solutions for each enterprise in the economy. The major constraint must be the budget for each application development. But no worries, the way most of the e-commerce apps have developed from the bottom line are surely impressive to learn to overcome this phenomenon.

E-commerce solutions are conceived based on a business, consumer and technology triad. Leading e-commerce platforms largely depend on business generation through online and mobile applications globally.

Why should we have 2 or more platforms addressing the same business needs? Well, the purpose is to bring in the audience through all available mediums. That has purely proved victory for many of the e-commerce players. Surely online shopping trends in the country and worldwide have gone to an all new level and as the number of Mobile phone users increase there is the largest potential for any e-commerce business to thrive.


E-Commerce solutions are tailor-made for each store’s needs. Either it’s an electronic, Grocery, Furniture or Medical store, the tempting application developments drag investors and enterprises towards the technology developers.

Rapidly growing e-commerce solutions are fast shifting towards the world of smartphones and applications. You know the logic already! This is because of the sophisticated mobile app development trends prevailing in the market and which are commercially viable and pushing the business to a new peak.

Is E-Commerce feeding the purpose of a common man and business owner…?

You don’t need to be totally aware of technology but have to coin down a business module which can digitally sink you with your customers online or through mobile platforms. Reviews depict a single connection between a consumer and the enterprise owner in e-commerce such as need and feed factor of the buyer and seller.

Option 1: When you’re sound enough to purchase your preferred product online, you only need an e-commerce provider of your choice. Marketing does the bridging on aligning these 2 verticals.

Option 2: When you’re partially funded and still want to buy your preferred product from an e-commerce partner, still you’ve your payment gateways offering range of repayment methods completely sticking with you.

Option 3: Either you wish to buy or just wander around the e-commerce platforms, you’re welcome to do so because the range of applications are designed to induce the purchasing power of the users be it online or mobile phone platforms.

Sources reveal there is a demanding rise in the use of e-commerce industry to meet the high consumer needs. Most regional and international e-commerce providers have a better understanding and mix of e-commerce platforms using online and mobile channels. 

Yeah, there are developers who work to feed such a highly anticipated e-commerce industry and the growth of such application masterminds is synonymous too. Mobile and web developing agencies are the backbones of such a dramatically fast paced e-commerce industry without them the milestones are merely dreams.

Either an established e-commerce player or an entrant, the varsity in consumer behaviour and enriching technology aggressors will surely sustain the steaming growth for each firm.

We’ll dive down to a few more classical e-commerce and m-commerce platforms in more detail in our next blog. Thanks for your reading.

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Key Implementation Module: Strictly Agile/Scrum

Key Implementation Module: Strictly Agile/Scrum

If you want to achieve the competency quickly then it’s time to adopt and respond to change meaningfully in the industry. Follow Agile/Scrum methodology to penetrate quickly and admire your customers.

Every project successfully handled and more importantly the technique allows the developers and users to decisively avoid turbulence circumstances at ideation itself rather than in an execution stage. 

When you are an enterprise which require transparent project flow you must look for a application development agency which pre-emptively presents its original project plan phasing out at different level using the scrum master methodology which in turn is allowing customers to concur the proposals.

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While using agile methodology, a cutting edge application developer assures the clients that they are ready and open for changes for a better compatibility on the project outcome.

Most Agile/Scrum tools allow experts to gather knowledge on processes and benefit using either customised or team interactions. Only the best industry leaders have been appraised for their decision making skills for optimization of project value.

Any application developer should not be just technically competent but a great solution provider with value! Agile methodology allows a transparent project phase and resource utilization for both the user and the developer. Most successful development companies greatly rely on this unique feature so that it’s fair to put forth the decision on resources and budget right in front of every customer’s desk.

Try this and most of the clients will have to apprehend you for this transparent and realistic customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Aim of agile scrum is to allow a comprehensive working software platform wherein the clients have the advantage of implementing changes and the developers are responding over following a plan. 

Who can deliver the best to their customers?

  1. The developer who is ready to be always on the forefront to allow users to support early and frequent opportunities to look at the product and make decision and changes to the project.
  2. Do we need to worry about short span of planning for an incremental project? 

At times, the iteration rate must be nominal for all in-depth analysis and we must align with the developers who can practically overcome the barriers on planning and execution for both short and long term projects. With inclination of project documentation, the developers are accountable on every stage of planning and development.

  1. Who would not prefer to record a superior project lifecycle? An Optimal Developer prepares and presents a feasible planning in documentation for a client’s fullest understanding. Nevertheless, they are concretely sure of the project planning and are setting benchmark on their flawless execution.
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Experts see Agile Methodology as one of their favourite means of technical mapping and as it have got proven records on project handlings in the last couple of years. 

It is practiced globally and preferred by most successful technology giants. While doing so, they are sure to follow testing of primary phase and regression testing on new or logically viable functions is introduced.

We can’t otherwise ignore some of the disadvantages of scrum which involves high planning, maturity and consistent communication at all levels but if you are ready to adopt and succeed with scrum methodology it will surely pay off.

Only a few in the industry are totally competent in following a complete and thorough Agile Scrum methodology for project design and development. There are many of the leaders in coining such technology and promote more industry owners. As defined, if you aim to be paramount in technology orientation and wiser in project implementation as we speak of our pioneer technical leaders, strictly agile your business.

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2019 – Great Year of surging effect in Technology – Applications development

Yester year’s trends with the adoption of many sophisticated technological tools in cross verticals have given a sea of scope and brought a dynamic effect for application developers.

Let’s explore! Truly transforming and economically viable Mobile Apps are born out from multi-faceted software developers for everyone’s day to day life. This has changed the way it was conceived earlier and put forth a range of applications to tailor-made services using mobile and software innovations.

Especially in 2018, Mobile Wallets, Reservations Apps, Learning Apps, Chatbots and Wearables, etc,, have made their presence felt across the day to day in each user and found inevitably part of the routine life.

Thanks to the futuristic developers who continuously dig range of opportunities with their human-techno combo while developing an application.

We are here to look ideally some significant mobile application trends which have emerged over the course of time and are on the brink of making 2019 their strongest presence ever since they were ideated.

1.Mobile Applications which are booming the banking and financial services industry over a couple of years with their ideal purpose on customer interaction, service offerings online, easy market connectivity.

Today either it’s a large or small financial service provider or a bank, the need to be customer-centric and right ahead with the market data has forced these institutions to have developed their personal mobile applications and more trend is witnessed in the increased usage of Chatbots of such institutions. The funds are being spent to a modest extent in development by these financial institutions.

2. Mobile Wallets, on the other hand, have changed the way we’ve dealt with payment gateways in the past.

The common man has the secure and comfortable access using mobile wallets which are developed in a customer orientation as per regulatory guidelines. These are always considered secure and the increase in usage of Mobile Wallets in 2018 has risen opportunity for small businesses to invest in the development of safe proof wallets.

The stronghold of mobile payments which has already paved the way for a digital sensation has completely changed the way we dealt with personal and commercial transactions. In a way, everyone should agree that is easing our tasks much simpler and quicker than ever before.

3.Augmented Reality – The year 2019 is marked another remarkable growth in the area of augmented reality taking another leap from virtual reality. Many companies are ready to invest in this area and keen on achieving their presence on top. How AR is conceived? AR is a superimposed reality with dedicated data with realistic 3D formats taking the user experience to an altogether new level. It allows the user to visualize the 3D formats, analyze and adjust the reality as per requirement.

There lies the tremendous potential for this segment in its curious results wide across all industries especially Architecture, Construction, Medical, and Gaming, etc. Practically successful models using AR are going to turnaround the way we perceived many programming would be like and fetching drastically apprehended results by its sophisticated technology.

4. What a Bot!!! The Chatbots which feed the response for a fast and information oriented audience acts as an intelligent PR between each user and the service provider. While introduced in the past, Chatbots were considered as a non-human, the machine recorded system but the developers on the other side have fully integrated their AI Skills in making it more of human responsive nature with pre-loaded responsive data.

A lot more to come in our following blog on emerging technologies. We’ve covered some of the impressive trending applications that already made their strong presence felt in 2018 and going to mark their continued success in 2019.

In our next blog, we will elaborate more of the trending applications in 2019 such as Wearables, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, etc., and their technological and commercially viable aspects in detail.

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Need for Speed in Mobile App adoption: Must try sequences for every progressive business.

Most businesses learnt from their experiences that they should’ve by now gone mobile friendly. But No Worries! You can still make it as the sun still shines.

Few instances business owners who may have missed an advantage to adopt a Mobile App technology can still get it executed as the Mobile App development is increasingly profitable for both the business and the development agencies. Be ready to break the ice.

“Ah, that was the technology we thought of adopting earlier but already someone has started earning it’s possible value by early adoption” most exclaimed statement for any business who are yet to adopt a Mobile App platform for their business.

We may take a lead to adopting the right Technology mix but we’re a small start up and yet to achieve results? Development cost and maintenance charges are two eye rolling aspects once you decide to invest. You need to know that you can invest but with the experts. 

There are all possible technology solutions for all your possible stages of businesses but you’ll have to adopt the right technology and right service provider, eventually the right techno-business combo.

The curiously fast business trends have forced competition to the next era and superior tailor made tech platforms have put customers straight ahead of businesses. Mobile Apps with the huge focus on user friendliness and powerful delivery of core services that they are intended have made business approach seemingly easy.

  1. Small businesses emerge, the need to align technology which gives multifaceted opportunities will evolve too. Adopt early otherwise evolve your business goals around technology platforms simultaneously.
  2. With a medium scale investment in Mobile App development for a business, the firm can ensure it’s futuristic values are guaranteed. A competitor is only ahead of us in terms of technology but a company with focus on business goals and are ready to invest in their Mobile friendly app can surely overcome such competition. Invest small but ready to be wiser if you are sure your technology partner is fruitful.
  3. Every Mobile App has core purposes defined as by the business owners and App developers. You need to collaborate with the right augmented technology development firm to achieve the core and profitable business value.

Seeing is believing! While choosing an Mobile App development provider, we have to consider the key elements such as,

The business perspective approach of a application development company is crucial as it’s directly affecting your values.

The review of current clients on key application platforms that are relevant to our business. Probably we need to get to use the application to learn how  ideally coined out of different elements.

Budget friendly developers may look sweet. But the flawless commitment from Ideation till launch and professional approach to each business aspects are derived only if we’re engaged with a trusted development agency in the market.

Technology has paved way to reach business audiences right in line with owners. By the time we started to think adopting a Mobile App for our business, already our competitors may have started earning results by early adoption. 

Businesses without technology focus have a less potential audience. Nowadays a Mobile App for a supermarket enabling the Sales right from customer place which is a meaningful advancement in technology. 

Corporates should review the need to be a frontrunner in technology above their competition.

Established mobile and web application developers, Wizmobi Technologies can leverage your business with their techno-business approach and make your aspirations fulfilled.

The Sooner the better. Early stage businesses who are intended to explore mass audiences, practically increase revenues through more customer involvement , the right choice of Mobile App will revolutionize the industry and grow your business. 

Need for Speed is now on!

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