2019 – Great Year of surging effect in Technology – Applications development

Yester year’s trends with the adoption of many sophisticated technological tools in cross verticals have given a sea of scope and brought a dynamic effect for application developers.

Let’s explore! Truly transforming and economically viable Mobile Apps are born out from multi-faceted software developers for everyone’s day to day life. This has changed the way it was conceived earlier and put forth a range of applications to tailor-made services using mobile and software innovations.

Especially in 2018, Mobile Wallets, Reservations Apps, Learning Apps, Chatbots and Wearables, etc,, have made their presence felt across the day to day in each user and found inevitably part of the routine life.

Thanks to the futuristic developers who continuously dig range of opportunities with their human-techno combo while developing an application.

We are here to look ideally some significant mobile application trends which have emerged over the course of time and are on the brink of making 2019 their strongest presence ever since they were ideated.

1.Mobile Applications which are booming the banking and financial services industry over a couple of years with their ideal purpose on customer interaction, service offerings online, easy market connectivity.

Today either it’s a large or small financial service provider or a bank, the need to be customer-centric and right ahead with the market data has forced these institutions to have developed their personal mobile applications and more trend is witnessed in the increased usage of Chatbots of such institutions. The funds are being spent to a modest extent in development by these financial institutions.

2. Mobile Wallets, on the other hand, have changed the way we’ve dealt with payment gateways in the past.

The common man has the secure and comfortable access using mobile wallets which are developed in a customer orientation as per regulatory guidelines. These are always considered secure and the increase in usage of Mobile Wallets in 2018 has risen opportunity for small businesses to invest in the development of safe proof wallets.

The stronghold of mobile payments which has already paved the way for a digital sensation has completely changed the way we dealt with personal and commercial transactions. In a way, everyone should agree that is easing our tasks much simpler and quicker than ever before.

3.Augmented Reality – The year 2019 is marked another remarkable growth in the area of augmented reality taking another leap from virtual reality. Many companies are ready to invest in this area and keen on achieving their presence on top. How AR is conceived? AR is a superimposed reality with dedicated data with realistic 3D formats taking the user experience to an altogether new level. It allows the user to visualize the 3D formats, analyze and adjust the reality as per requirement.

There lies the tremendous potential for this segment in its curious results wide across all industries especially Architecture, Construction, Medical, and Gaming, etc. Practically successful models using AR are going to turnaround the way we perceived many programming would be like and fetching drastically apprehended results by its sophisticated technology.

4. What a Bot!!! The Chatbots which feed the response for a fast and information oriented audience acts as an intelligent PR between each user and the service provider. While introduced in the past, Chatbots were considered as a non-human, the machine recorded system but the developers on the other side have fully integrated their AI Skills in making it more of human responsive nature with pre-loaded responsive data.

A lot more to come in our following blog on emerging technologies. We’ve covered some of the impressive trending applications that already made their strong presence felt in 2018 and going to mark their continued success in 2019.

In our next blog, we will elaborate more of the trending applications in 2019 such as Wearables, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, etc., and their technological and commercially viable aspects in detail.

Thanks for your reading and please leave us your comments.